Watch Emile on FX Thursday at 10:30 PM!

Watch Emile on FX Thursday at 10:30 PM!


Sorry for the all caps, but I’m super excited about this Thursday. For those who don’t remember, I recorded a scene last year for the FX comedy starring Jim Jefferies, “Legit”. Well, that episode is airing this Thursday at 10:30 PM! Get excited people. Spread the word to the world. I’m going to be on TV! WOOHOO. I had a couple of lines and I’m super happy about it. So, make sure you record the episode, tweet about it, tell your family and friends, and get some Butter Lovers popcorn. Well, maybe get some Smart Balance popcorn. In fact, east some salad. That’s a little bit healthier. Anyway, here’s a promo for Thursday’s episode. Don’t forget to tune in. As always, thanks for all the support. Also, don’t forget to keep up with my Chasing L.A. web series. You can always find me on! Keep chasing your dreams.

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  1. kim

    May 12, 2013 at 2:21 am

    #AfterBuzzTV Scandal
    Kim M. Husbands
    London, E1-4RS
    United Kingdom

    Hello Emile,
    the above is my entrance into the competition for the signed scandal season one DVD contest.

    Season 2 has not been aired officially in London yet. Only on Channel 4… we got Season 1… which I also bought on amazon; and have to play on my Laptop because the DVD player I have isn’t compatible to US DVDs.

    Any way, my hope is that Scandal is always aired on FreeView TV only in the UK. Because on Sky you have to pay too much cash for a subscription.

    Also, ABC doesn’t allow streaming in the UK.
    but where there’s a will there’s a way 🙂
    I watch your ‘Buzz you laters’ on YouTube.
    And 4OD ( ) sometimes has episodes for a limited timeframe.

    My prediction is that Cy is in secretly in love with Fitz because he was way to angry and jealous of the Olitz making love in bed in S2 E:21.

    Secondly All roads lead to the Secretary Of Defense; Charlie works for Cy and the Sect O.D. If Cy sent Charlie to kill Billy; so if Billy is alive the Sect. O.D.

    Even Jake is following the Secretary of Defenses orders and making sure that ‘the mole’ and the believes that someone else has been framed for the betrayal.

    I’m literally looking forward to Season 3.

    All the best, check out my poem 🙂

    PJ K

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