INSECURE Is Officially Relatable AF!

INSECURE Is Officially Relatable AF!

Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, Jay Ellis, and the rest of the cast, writers, and crew deserve ALL the awards! 

We are truly in the Golden Age of Television! With critically-acclaimed new shows coming out almost every week, it’s hard to keep up with all of them. I know we all get busy, but one show that can’t be missed is HBO’s INSECURE!

Season 1 was LIT (are we still saying lit?…real question.) Season 2 is on FIRE! I don’t care if we aren’t saying ‘fire’ anymore because this show is FIRE. I need there to be 25 seasons of Insecure, plus a film, plus a spinoff show, plus a book, and any other way to keep this show and these characters alive. When we all collectively sit down to watch ‘Insecure’, it feels like each time we are hanging out with old friends. The chemistry between the characters is so believable that sometimes I forget I’m watching a show. It almost feels like there’s a hidden camera and I’m just spying on my friends every Sunday. Alright, enough praise, let me tell you why THIS👏IS👏MY👏SHOW👏!

issa rae yvonne orji jay ellis

Somehow Season 1 of Insecure didn’t get any EMMY nominations, but we are going to let that slide for now. Season 2 they better come through with the nominations because it’s rare for a show this good to get better in the second season. Each episode is beyond tweetable which proves it’s hella relatable. Think about it, if you live tweet during the show, you find yourself going through a range of emotions as you bond or argue with strangers over the many issues the show brings up. Whether the show is tackling what a f*#k ni#%a looks like in 2017, how to date after being committed for 5 years, knowing your worth, or how to be a “ho”, the conversations are happening. The best part is these are all conversations that parallel real life experiences. Why am I over here getting emotional writing this?! I’m so proud of Issa Rae. 

ANYWAY, through the show’s writing, I’ve learned that we all just need to be open and honest about what we want and who we are. The facts are that few know what they truly want or what the hell they are doing. We all are trying to figure it out in our own way, with our group of friends, in our different cities, but we all go through it. That’s the beautiful part of this show. Even though I’m not going through what Issa is going through, the experiences are so relatable that you want to talk to people about it. THIS IS A WATER COOLER SHOW! This is the show you get excited to talk to the stranger next to you in the grocery store about! This is the show that shows the diversity of being black in 2017 in all it’s glory and I AM HERE FOR IT! That is all. Insecure is officially relatable AF and also…I’m not here for Lawrence anymore. 



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