Happy Anniversary Emile!

Happy Anniversary Emile!

In case you didn’t figure it out already, it’s been exactly one year since my relocation to Los Angeles. I SURVIVED! If someone would’ve told me this time last year where I would be now, then I guess they would be psychic (Sorry, had to add a corny joke in there). Anyway, my goals, friends, dreams, finances, skills, image, and many other parts of my life have changed completely. It hasn’t been smooth sailing either. Moving to a big city on your own, especially Los Angeles, is not for the weak. Besides the ridiculously high cost of living, be prepared to deal with rejection, backstabbers, unfair treatment, crazy Hollywood people, and RAIN! Contrary to popular belief, it does rain in Southern California, and it is quite unpleasant. People act like they’ve never dealt with rain out here before, but I digress. Even though it’s rough, if you can find true friends out here to support you and have your back when you feel all is lost, then you’ll survive.

To people who have known me for a while, it should come as no surprise that I haven’t given up and moved back to Georgia. I’ve always made sure that I succeeded in whatever I pursued. This was evident even when I was 16 and working my first job at Six Flags Over Georgia. I remember I wanted to be a ride operator for a cool roller coaster or thrill ride. Instead, they placed me on the Six Flags Over Georgia Railroad where we had to memorize about 15 pages of script and recite it twice hourly to guests who came on the train. Each train ride began with, “Hello, and Welcome to the Six Flags Over Georgia Railroad! My name is Emile and I will be your conductor for this trip. Before we depart, there are a few company rules and regulations that I must tell you all about. There is no eating, drinking, or smoking while aboard the train. Also we advise that you keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle because that something you are reaching for, might want you a little more than you want it. Now sit back and relax. We will be departing shortly.”  I received numerous compliments from guests and supervisors who appreciated that I gave a dry script life. The guests were my audience, and I ensured that they left entertained. This undoubtedly was directly responsible for the promotion that came later, and the customer service award that I was honored with from corporate. When it comes to my career, I strive to go above and beyond until I reach the next level.

I’m working to get to the next level now, but I didn’t know what the next level was until recently. Since I’ve been out here, I’ve been working part/full-time for a production company in Hollywood, worked for a month overnight at Target (I had to quit, but that’s another story entirely), did a couple of videography gigs, auditioned for “The Voice”, found a church home at Oasis LA, moved to an apartment in Hollywood, made some true friends, started hosting for AfterBuzz TV, & recently enrolled in Hosting, Commercial Acting, & Improv Classes. All of this had to happen for me to realize what I truly wanted to do. Despite all the disappointments that I’ve dealt with since moving here, things are finally looking up. For the first time since I’ve relocated, I can truly say that I’m happy. Entertaining people is what I’ve always loved to do, and hosting lets me pursue my dreams without having to forsake a few. It took a while to come to this realization, but now that I have, I’m investing my time and money to make sure that I get to that next level.

To say that I’ve arrived to this point by myself would be false. My faith in God, although not always the strongest, has helped me to get through the roughest of times. It can be difficult to stay grounded in this industry, but my prayers and the prayers of those back home keep me going. My family and friends have supported my decisions throughout, and they continually encourage me to keep on striving. They also put up with my lengthy conversations about my career, even when they don’t have the time to listen. I’m thankful for my AfterBuzz TV co-hosts, fans, and Scandal Gladiators because they uplift me, give advice, and are always supportive. It’s been a great year, but I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for Emile Ennis Jr. Remember, don’t give up on your dreams because you never know what is waiting for you right around the corner. Until next time, be blessed and stay encouraged.

I leave you with the song that keeps me going when I feel that all is lost. “Run Til’ I Finish” by Smokie Norful

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