I Almost Met Sam Smith…

I Almost Met Sam Smith…

I almost met Sam Smith a couple of weeks ago and I still can’t let it go.

So all of my friends know that I LOVE karaoke. My go-to songs are usually John Legend and Sam Smith songs because I love them and sound great singing their songs. That’s a fact lol. ANYWAY…I was invited to a dance competition that a friend was participating in at a bar in West Hollywood. I met up with some friends there and was totally fine until I spotted him. Yup. After 3 minutes of catching up with friends, I realized that I was standing about 7 feet away from Sam Smith! NONE of my friends believed me when I told them it was him, but I was convinced.

So you may be saying, why wouldn’t they believe you? Well, Sam’s made some lifestyle changes and has lost a lot of weight, which I knew because he’s one of my favorite artists. I explained this to them and they still denied. I said, “GO TO HIS INSTAGRAM NOW!” My friend Drew pulled up his Instagram, but was still not convinced. I’m like, “COME ON GUYS!” Fun fact about me, I never forget a face and I’m usually right when I spot a celeb. You betta ask somebody! Anyway, as a last resort, I asked them to pull up his Insta Story to see if he was wearing the same glasses that he was currently wearing in front of me. Drew pulled up his Insta Story and HE WAS! Guys, Sam Smith was standing right there with his friends. It was at that point that a fan went up to him to take a picture. He took a picture with him and then he left with his friends and my moment to meet one of my favorite singers had passed. 🙁

Hopefully I’ll get to meet him one day. In the meantime, check out this video I did for work highlighting 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sam Smith.

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